Age 1
Page 8


Emma is so beautiful

Julia, Emma, Dani, Me, & Nick

I go for older women too

All of us

My team

Out to Dinner with friends

I'm so sleepy

I love tubby time!

Playing with my arm slings

Making a pretty picture


Tummy time makes me sleepy

Hey puppy!


I can't see what I'm making

At the OKI FSMA Halloween Party
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Pumpkin carving with gang
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This candy stick is so good

My quilt from C.O.L.E.'s Quilts

I love it!

The quilt was made especially for me by lots of stitchers from around the world!

Playing Wheels on the Bus on the computer

Is it time for Christmas? I mean I'm dressed for it!!


I'm getting big


You want to do what?

Look at me!

I'm 18 months old!

I was just thinking...

At the dentist for the first time

Checking my teeth, next time you should use flavored gloves

See my pretty teeth!