Age 2
FSMA Conference 2009
Page 3



Peyton stole my spot

Now both girls are up with MJ

I'll head to the kids room now!

Cory and Aubrey

kids room fun

What are we going to do now?

The Zoo is here

Karah is ready

What do you think they brought?

This is a skink

Everyone wants to play

Everyone wants to see what a skink is...

Peyton wants to pet the skink

Not the skunk

Emma isn't sure!

It feels funny

Veronica feeling the skink's skin

Karah likes it too, my turn now

Hey, send that skink over here

Thank you very much

YUP, I am soooo coool!!

Emma and her dad dancing

The Smith family - they have seven kids

My disguise...

This cotton candy is funny stuff

Playing a carnival game

Throwing the ball

More games

Around it's neck...OK?

We all have the same disguise

Can you tell who is who?

Reagan's big throw

Now who is this?

Karah, I think?

Let's throw it long buddy!

Emma's getting patriotic

Hey, I can't see over my nose, guys

Through the hoop, no problem...

Hi Lizzy

Go Lizzy

I will try this one now

This bowling ball is huge

Lizzy, Aubrey and Stella

Throwing beanbags



Peyton, what are you drinking?

Steve and Chris

banana monkey

Lee Family, MJ, & Turnbull Family

Another girlfriend I found...

This is Elizabeth

Another one of my new girlfriends, I hope no one else finds out...

Hanging out with Madison

Landon and Leah

Is it over, I am so tired...