Age 3
Page 4 - 2010 FSMA Conference



Ready to fly to California

Waiting to fly

Austin getting a massage

Getting on the plane

Getting in my seat

I'm ready, when are we going?

All being goofy before takeoff

California here I come

Can I look out again...

Nice glasses dad

The Rocky Mountains

The mountains are beautiful

Can we go there to visit?

Hugging my mom

Watching Toy Story

Waiting for the van

My family and our luggage

Welcome to California

In the van, ready to go

Hi grandma, are we ready?

Researchers vs. the kids races

Faster, faster

More and more races

Saying hi to Jacob

Hayden and her mom Jennifer

It is Princess Veronica

My new friends, Gwendolyn and Hayden

Jacob watching a movie

Lizzy - the beautiful painted princess

Austin playing Wii with other friends

What a great smile, Princess Veronica

Hanging with mommy

At the FSMA Conference with mom and dad

What do you think they are doing?

Oh, now I see, Dad needs some hair...

These are good suckers

Watching Shrek in 3-D

I want this movie for home

Austin being silly

Hey Veronica, let's have a sword fight

Dancing with dad

Everyone is dancing with me

Dancing with bubbles, I choose


even Lizzy is dancing

Swimming with Veronica

In the pool

In the hotel pool...isn't it big

Make a big splash Austin

The tower part of the hotel

Toy adaptation class

Lizzy is waiting for her toy to be adapted

So, where is my toy.

Making some music

My brother is such a cool dude!

At the carnival playing games

All my prizes

Looking at the light up mirror

Spin the wheel for a great prize

Laurie and Anders