Age 3
Page 5 - 2010 FSMA Conference


My friend, Hugo

Yummy popcorn

Making funny faces

feeding the monkeys

Time to go bowling

Grandpa and Austin are strong musclemen

Daddy and Austin are making funny faces


Eating cotton candy
It is delicious too

Mommy and I are the strong men

Austin's tattoo - Cure SMA

Look at all the treasures

Austin's cotton candy - snarfing it down

Holding hands with Veronica -
(shhh, my new girlfriend)

Aren't we so cute together!!!

Our close-up

Hanging with Hayden, Gwendolyn, & Jonas

Movie time

Watching the movie with Lizzy

Alexander in his standing Dani

Jonas is my new friend

The Marriot Santa Clara - where we stayed

On the way home

The golden foothills

San Fransisco Bay

Austin at the bay

The hills in San Fransisco

I scared daddy by sitting here

Overlooking San Fransisco Bay

Daddy took the photo of our family

Now grandma took the photo

At Pier 39

The famous Fisherman's Wharf

On the pier

Waving good-bye to Fisherman's Wharf

Zoltar the Magnificent

It is Spongebob


Austin and I on the pier looking out at Alkatraz

Brotherly Love - I would give Austin my blanket, but I left it in the van

Mommy and I

Someone is freezing

Are you warm yet, Austin?

The Golden Gate Bridge in the distance

Oh my, how awesome is that...

Dad, I can't believe you did that...

What???? - the many faces of my brother


The Hard Rock Cafe

Outside the Hard Rock Cafe

The guitar is huge

San Fransisco at night - flying home

I'm soooo sleepy