Age 3
Page 6


Just Chillaxin

Tattoo boy

Austin lost his shoe

Watching some fireworks

Grandma and Great-grandma

Fashion model Alley

Thomas looking so angel-like

Thomas and Austin filling up their plates

Dad getting his plate filled

Aunt Denise and Big Thomas

what a strong man

Outside waiting for the fun to begin

mom and aunt Denise

All us kids

Now we are all being goofy

Checking out the fireworks

Hanging with mommy

2 days and 6 kids

Oh no, Austin is blowing up

My family: 2 asleep and 2 awake

Cool fireworks

I love the fireworks but am so tired

Water play time

We are singing in the rain

In the pool

Wiggle wiggle

Waiting for Toy Story 3

He is just too cool

We were just waiting and waiting

We are two cool brothers

We are so cool we gotta wear shades

Row, row, row your boat

My class in the boat

Look at me sitting

I love Oriental Wok

Catching some rays

Celebrity All Star Game

Sky divers

The flag is landing

We got to meet the skydivers

Watching the game from the outfield

Mom, trying out a Segway

The football team lost

Ikey Woods and James Brooks

They all signed our tshirts

James Brooks gave me a shirt

Playing with moon sand

My power chair is coming home, HOORAY!