A Few Christmas Photos 2005


Miss Skyler decided that she was going to sleep in Christmas morning :)  After a long night of singing and waiting for Santa, she finally fell asleep at around 6am, just as our other two munchkins were waking up.  We couldn't reign the other two in...excitement won out there...so they opened their gifts...and Miss Skyler, when she finally awoke, had the spotlight while opening her gifts.  These pics were taken using a new camera, and we were just getting the hang of it...but the model is just so darn cute that they are perfect, no matter how inept the camera person may appear to be :oD


"Hey!  Wonder what's in here?!"


Honey Bee Tree Kerplunk!!  PER-fect!!

(Skyler rules when it comes to Kerplunk...and she KNOWS it!)



"Oooookaaaaayyy...Casey's in front of me...who's the silly monkey

behind me?!  It HAS to be Lucas!!


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