Spring 2004


In March/April of 2004, Skyler was hospitalized for 5 weeks.  Just a couple of weeks after we brought her home (along with her new "trachie"), we were fortunate to be blessed with a visit from some of our great friends from the SMA Community:  Tracy and Skylar, The O'Neill Family, The Reilly Family & MJ and Brenda!!  This was Miss Skyler's first official stroller ride since being trached...and she had SO much fun  (though you can't quite tell from some of the photos...lol)!!  She sang almost the entire time people were here, impressing them with her BEAUTIFUL voice!

The other photos on this page are random photos from Spring 2004 :)


Skyler, May 2004



Sky & Sky


Sky & Me


The O'Neills and Sky S.



MJ Here!


Colin & Our Casey


Casey & Sky S.


The Gang!


The Gang #2!


Casey's Softball Team 2004


The Mighty Casey At Bat


Lucas with his Lacrosse team


Lucas at Lacrosse TIRED!


My Good Friend Connor Reilly 7/04


My Cute Boyfriend Billy Spiegel
(My Man from Tennessee!!)







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