Jordon's December Photos!

Hey Guys, Look!  I can blow Raspberries...Aren't I cute?!



Uncle Josh is watching me and Aunt Missy dance,
and she is singing to me...


I love it when Aunt Missy reads me stories!


THEN what happened, Aunt Missy??


You're silly, Daddy, you know I can't eat pretzels!  But this chocolate sure is good!


I love my Daddy Sooooo Much!!!!!!!!!


"Tigger, We're supposed to be taking our nap!  Not Playing!"


"Daddy" Santa is talking to us.


Dad says "It's OK, he's telling us a story".



Aunt Missy is singing and dancing with me.


Me and Uncle Josh are talkin' to girls....


Grandma is trying to feed me.  I like to tease her.
It's fun!


Chillin' with Tigger



Lovin' my Angel Baby...


Daddy showing Grandma my new Santa hat.


I'm one of Santa's Little Helpers!


What's in this??


My new bear, from Uncle Marc & Aunt Missy.
He's BIG....


See my new Jammies?


My Great-Grandma Betty & Me showing off
my new hat...


Aunt Dena & Me...We liked my hat the other way...


Me & Mommy
"OK, do you like my hat On?"


"Do you like my hat OFF?"

Me & Daddy are going to play with some
of my new toys!



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