Jordon's January Photos!

Aunt Missy & Uncle Marc bought me this Bronco's outfit..."GO BRONCOS!!!!"


Katie Bug is jealous.  But she always protects me!


Eeeeww!  Katie is giving me kisses!


Wow!  Is she really smiling at me?  I didn't know dogs could do that!


I like to hang upside down...


Getting lots of love from my Great-Grandma Betty


More loves from Great-Grandma Betty.


I love my Great-Grandma!!!!!!!!


Aunt Missy, Me & Uncle Josh


Will you tell Uncle Josh I know how to wave?


Me and Daddy just playing around...


Uncle Marc holding me...this doesn't happen too often, he's afraid he'll break me...


Krystal Holding me, Cindy tickling my ear.
Everyone wants to hold me tonight!  I love all of this!



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