Jordon's November Photos!

This is MY chair now Grandpa!


"HEY!  Somebody!  Hello!  I'm Falling here!"


Me and Mommy love to play silly games!


I like to play with Uncle Josh too...


Do you like my new chair?  I do!


YUK!!!  I don't like those baby potatoes.  I want my peaches!!


Aunt Missy is a good listener.  She likes to hear my stories.


My Great-Grandma thinks I'm so cute!



Even my cousin Cindy cracks me up..."What a funny family I have!"


Getting loves from my Grandma Tammy


Jordon was full of stories to tell Aunt Dena & Michelle that day.  I will never forget this.  He talked and talked to them for the longest was so cute it brought tears to our eyes...


Daddy must have done something funny here...


Great-Grandma thinks I'm silly (I always throw my head back to see other things.)


My Great Grandma & Grandpa Newby


Aunt Emily, Great-Grandma Mary, me and Grandpa Doug.


Grandpa Doug, me, Mommy and Great-Grandpa Newby


This is my Uncle Kirk, Aunt Melanie and my cousin, Devon.


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