My Life As It Began...

Hello everyone and welcome to my website. I am Katelyn Rose Crowder and I have a story to tell. In December of 2001 my mommy, Victoria Keathley and my daddy, Thomas Crowder, found out that they were going to be having a baby…that’s me. It was December the 12th when mom and dad first found out that I was coming. To confirm it, my grandma made my mom go to the health department the next day. (This happened to be my dad’s birthday) When it was confirmed, they were a little shocked but they knew it. When they told the families some were happy and some were not. But eventually everybody was dying for me to make my grand appearance. Mommy and daddy started to gather the things that you need when a baby is on the way and soon they had everything and just had to wait on me. Mom's pregnancy was normal, at least she thought so. I didn't really move around a lot and when mom would go to the doctor and tell them they would listen to my heartbeat and say that I was ok. On July 26 mommy started to have them baby pains but was afraid to say anything because every time she would, the pains would go away and she wanted to see me really bad so she was quiet about it. At around 9 or 10 that night she finally told my Nana that they should probably go to the hospital and they did. When they first got there the nurses said it was real baby pains but they were not strong enough and the doctor would probably send them home. They told the doc that it was a long way from their house to the hospital and would rather stay. So he let them stay and soon they said I would be coming in the morning. At around 8am my mommy was hurting so bad she asked for some medicine and then she felt better except she couldn’t feel my pains anymore and the nurse would have to tell her to push. At almost noon I decided that mommy was tired and I should quit playing around and make my grand appearance. Soon after, they gave me to daddy who gave me to nana who gave me to mommy. I felt so safe in her arms even though she was tired I knew she wasn’t going to drop me. They took me to the big room and everybody made faces at me through the window. We came home and went to live with Nana and Papa. I got lots of spoiling then. Mommy and Nana were both there to hold me, rock me, and feed me. I was such a good baby. If you held me I would just lay there and look at you, no squirming out of me. My Gammaw would come to see me and she would tell mommy how good of a baby I was ….boy did that swell my head!

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