Life with a Trach


I just got a trach on February 20th, due to my airway collapsing.  I previously used NIV (Non-Invasive Ventilation) before that.  It really wasn't a big change from NIV to trach, but in some things, life is much easier!  Here are some pictures of me, the past month, to show you that life does go on and I am still MJ, just with an extra piercing in my neck! 

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Moving from one place to another

Moving, while attached to my vent

Sunning while doing a neb treatment at the same time!

Wearing my shades and being too cool for words!

Sitting in my chair on my vent

Sitting in my chair, practicing breathing without my vent

White trach ties are booooring

My new collection of trach ties...I think I'm obsessed!

See, it matches my outfit.


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