The First Few Years (Age 0-4)!

Me, my Dad, & my Mom at my christening. In May 1988

Me in my little car seat. I think I really liked it!


Me and my Mommy on my first day of preschool!  Aren't I a cutie?!


Me and my Mom on an elephant ride!


Emma sitting on my lap


Me being really smiley in my favorite PJ's. Don't you wonder why?


Easter girls! (Looking devious) At Grandmother's house.


Emma's favorite pastime...Standing and pulling my hair!


My first baby pictures from
1 month to 10 months



My first Christmas



Sitting on the table at a family dinner in Ohio


Me, propped up under the Christmas tree, looking like my dad's china dolls


Me in my stroller, being goofy


Going to "Country Night" at Millner's, a local family restaurant in Ohio


"I'm just not sure..."



Getting Chest Physical Therapy (CPT) to loosen the junk in my lungs. I really like it!


Pretending to be a firefighter



Me sleeping with favorite doll, Indian


At the ocean in Florida



"Come on, give me a kiss"


Playing with my bus in a homemade, Styrofoam stander


In my Polka dot shirt and overalls


Thinking very hard about something


"I'm just soooo cute!"


Sleeping like an angel


"Ok, so maybe it wasn't the best idea to finger paint naked?"