MDA Summer Camp!

I really didn't want to dress up but everyone else thought it would be fun


I loved to flirt with all the boys!


Brenda and I at Iowa MDA Camp. It was my first time going to camp. 1993


Brenda and I my second time at camp. 1994


Brenda's other brother


The Gang


"Don't kiss me, Ted!"


"Excuuuuse me??"


Me and a pretty pink paper flower


I loved having long talks with my best girl, Julie


Grandma Inez and Grandpa Johnnie


I hated the goodbyes


Goofing off in the pool


At the Grotto


Iowa MDA Camp - 1993


Iowa MDA Camp - 1994


Brenda's brother, Doug, and I


Doug said I was too talkative so he put my shoe in my mouth




Julie and I dancing to "Lean on Me"


Enjoying ice cream from the Purple Cow


Me and my pretty rose


Brenda and I fishing


"You're getting me all wet!!!...Spray me MORE!"


"Ta Dah"



Ted and I

"Tip me further!"




Face painting