The Bioresonance Story

The 2nd Year


She can really swim now with her snorkeling mask.  She can also hold her breath, roll over to breathe, then roll back and continue swimming.  At the time of the first photo, July 2006, she was able to hold her breath for 5 seconds.

Yes, she's underwater only 3 weeks later and absolutely loves it.  At the end of August she was able to hold her breath for 25+ seconds.  In 2008, she was able to be underwater for 50 seconds!!!


In July 2006, she took 18 independent steps on land.  She only did it once, very slowly and carefully, but she DID DO IT!

In this picture, she got up there all by herself.  

October update:   Irene is crawling 5+ feet every day.  I'm so encouraged.  She's gaining strength every month.  She also began taking independent steps more often and without being asked, usually about 8 good steps. 

End of December update:  She began crawling every day.  The most she crawled continuously was approximately 20 feet, but that was only once.  She was still only at about 5+ feet.

Her neck muscles kept getting so strong!  She can still do this in 2013.


March 2007:  We finally got some x-rays.  When I saw the first x-ray, I broke down crying.  I couldn't believe my beautiful little girl had developed scoliosis.  I knew she had it from age 2 because I could feel it, but I had never seen it in x-rays until now.

I had already taken a workshop in Quantum-Touch back in June 2006, so I began applying what I had learned.

Her scoliosis was over 30 degrees while lying down in that first picture.  

Well, I worked with Quantum-Touch for three weeks between these two x-rays.  It went from over 30 degrees to only 15 degrees while standing up!

Quantum-touch works, but it will only straighten it temporarily because SMA kids do not have the muscle strength to hold the new position.  If you stop, it will curve again.  The good thing is that it does allow them a much longer time before it gets severe.  Update:  at 13 yrs old, Irene is still pain-free and at 99% oxygen because of the work I do on her with QT for the scoliosis.  She is about 40 degrees, and this is only because I'm going through a divorce now, and Bruce's lawyer ha

I also applied QT to her bowed left leg.

Here are some neat BEFORE & AFTER pics.  After just two 5-minute Quantum-Touch sessions, it became straight!


1st picture:  This is the day she climbed the stairs for the first time.  It was not that easy for her.

2nd picture:  She went from sitting in her car seat in the back, climbing over the center console, and sitting in the driver's seat with her leg on the brake pedal!

She did these things, but she struggled to do them.  It was very slow and with great effort.


Squatting was very difficult for her, but she was not only able to hold this position, she actually got into it on her own.
She's getting an adjustment with her former chiropractor.  His procedures didn't help Irene at all.

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