The KI Method Story

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Less than a week after I got back from class, Irene actually took a bite from a pizza and ate it!  She was chewing and swallowing again!  That's when we began noticing that she was getting better.

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For three months her strength was up and down.  In some ways, she was better, but in other ways she still needed help.

You can see that I'm holding her up with my knee.  Still, her progress was encouraging me to work 5-8 hours per day doing TKM.  I never had a break.


The crawling was a little better, but very slow.  Then after two months of TKM, Irene began a detox program.  That's when she began losing her neck muscles.  I didn't see her crawling anymore, and I just thought that she preferred to cruise.  The weakening during this detox was not good for Irene, and because of this, I would not try to detox my daughter with herbs and homeopathics again.  Maybe the detox was too aggressive? 

One day I noticed that she had trouble holding a crawling position.  This was because her neck was weaker.  We finally made appointments with Dr. Glenn King for more professional TKM treatments.  I felt so insecure on my own.  But during the appointments, I realized that he had trained me well enough to work on her myself. 

After 3 months of TKM, her breathing completely stabilized, and she didn't have the tremors any longer.


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She still fell a lot, and she was still losing more strength in her neck.  In the first picture she had to use her lower jaw to lift her head up.  You can see in the second picture how she had to open her mouth to lift her head up from the side.  Losing her neck muscles caused her to quit crawling.  It was very discouraging for me.  She also began complaining about "mosquitoes" in her legs and at the base of her skull.

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Even though she couldn't crawl anymore, she gained strength in her legs after 6 months of TKM.

Yes, she still fell a lot.  But because I learned to do the EMT stop-bleeding procedure, she rarely got bumps or bruises.

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Even though her legs were getting stronger, the muscles at the back of her neck were still weakening.  In this picture, she's trying to look at somebody on the other side, but she cannot rotate enough so her eyes are that way.

She could no longer lift her head and lost the ability to feed herself.  I remember when it was difficult to even put a shirt on her because I had to help her with her head as well.

Her voice seemed tired, and she completely lost her ability to cough and laugh out loud!


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The "mosquitoes" turned out to be a couple of viruses, which a new doctor got rid of using a different, but safer detox program.  This was the first time in a long time that she lifted her head up.

But after a few seconds, she got tired.  That's why she's trying to hold her head up with her hands.

As she cleared those viruses and got more TKM treatments, she gained more mobility, and her voice got stronger.  She still had neck weakness, but it was slowly getting better.  

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These are really neat "before/after" shots that are one year apart.  The second one is after 13 months of TKM.  You're not going to get these results without hours and hours of work.

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Also, really neat "before/after" shots:  The ankles straightened, and I know it was on TKM alone because we quit using the shoe inserts once her legs got stronger. 

She still did not crawl because of the neck weakness.  She began having problems with mild scoliosis (way before the Hopkins doctor predicted.)  And she also only cruised a few feet at a time before she would get tired.

I continued with TKM, but Irene still needed more detoxing using this safer and faster method.  As I questioned her TKM doctor about this, he led me to a similar detox method called Total Repro Bioresonance.  I quickly made the appointment with the doctor who invented it, and now I know that this is the only method to safely detox Irene without causing any weakening.


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