What is TKM?

You can go to their website:  http://www.kinginstitute.org

I want everyone to be clear on this point based on my experience these last twelve years.  TKM (The King Institute Method) is not an instant cure for SMA.  SMA is a very aggressive diagnosis.  TKM requires an incredible amount of work in the fight against SMA.   It has not cured her, but it has slowed the progression tremendously.

When Irene's symptoms were severe, I did 5-8 hours per day of TKM on her.  I did 2-3 hours every morning before she awoke.  I did 2-3 hours during her nap.  And I did 3-4 hours when she fell asleep at night.  EVERYDAY!!  This is the only way she recovered her chewing, swallowing, and breathing.  If you are wanting to try this method for your child, you will need to be trained at the institute.  

There isn't another method that compares to TKM.  I use this in our everyday life.  I have all of the emergency medical techniques memorized and have helped many people, not just Irene, with this method.  It is so amazing, I cannot imagine life without it.  I am so grateful to Dr. King for offering his knowledge to anyone who is open.

The information below was taken directly from the King Institute website:

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