Treatments 2013



The KI Method

Irene and many others have benefited from this amazing energy work!  

There are several treatments like this one:
    Median Self-Help

    Opposite Fingers and Toes (it's almost at the bottom of the page)



I took a basic workshop and began using this technique with the KI Method, but sometimes alone.  Or sometimes I hold TKM points while doing QT.   I think it's a great method.  It completely corrected her bowed knee in one treatment.  During her faster growth now, it has been more difficult to correct her bones.  But I still use it because it does slow the progression of the deformities. 


Total Repro Bioresonance 

Detoxification method.  In 24 hours, you can be desensitized or detoxed.  In my opinion, it is the safest way for SMA children like Irene.  I am now trained and certified to practice this method.



Irene eats organic food, and NO CANDIES or SODAS.


At Home

The KI Method is done 1-2 times per day, totaling approx. 2-4 hours per day.  She also gets Quantum-Touch at least once per day.  I am now trained in Total Repro Bioresonance and have clients, so when I discover something new, I detox Irene using this method.  I recently began stretching her legs again.





Aquatic Care Programs 

We've had to pull Irene out of this facility.  The atmosphere is for adults, although I must agree that she gained so much from their care when Amy was there.  She really did a lot for her.  But with Amy now gone, their other therapists just didn't do much for Irene.  I have been taking her to the Bellaire Pool for now, but really wish we had a pool of our own to go more often.


Chiropractic adjustments:  With Dr. Alex Rivera.  Due to financial difficulties, we've had to quit the adjustments for now.

Pediatric Plus Therapy Services 

Irene was in their Intensive program for three weeks in January 2007.  She is no longer with this program.


Hope and a Future

These are special neurological exercises custom designed just for her.  (We quit this program, but still do some of the exercises they recommended because they are excellent!)  I would put her back into this most excellent program, but the cost, the time, and help I needed to fully implement it just wasn't there.  If you have friends and/or relatives that can help you, then it is the best, and I would do it if somebody would help me.  


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