The Tired Feet Story

2 years after Bioresonance

March 2007:   Ever since Irene placed her feet on a high EMF device, her left foot suddenly started bothering her enough to slow down the frequencies of her cruising.  I suspected it was the cause of her sudden weakening of the feet.  TKM just didn't seem to be enough to conquer the aggressiveness of SMA.  It was exhausting trying to keep up, and I felt like I was fighting a losing battle.  It became so bad that we almost didn't get "standing" pictures for my sister's wedding nor for her birthday in June.

She once told me that her feet did not hurt, they were just tired.  She told me that it was the soles of her feet that were getting tired.  She said, "If you were to cut the whole bottom off, then I could walk."  I didn't really know what had happened.  But I know that she was still very strong otherwise. 

Even though her feet (by now both) were becoming tired, her strength seemed to still be there, and even sometimes stronger (at first).  So during the first full week of June, we hired Alain Herriott and Carmelita Hogan to do some Quantum-Touch sessions while I concentrated only on TKM.  I'd seen how QT had moved bones and gotten rid of pain, so we were hopeful that they could help reverse any damage that might've been done from the high EMF exposure.

By the end of June, she seemed to be doing better.  She reached a milestone.  She put on her own socks for the first time!  I knew for sure that she hadn't gotten weaker, but that something was bothering the soles of her feet.  She was still climbing onto furniture. 

In July she actually took 3 independent steps.  She was pulling up to a stand using the coffee table and doing it consistently, too.  That was exciting for me.  

In September she took 1.5 independent steps.

In October, Dr. Croley retreated her.  I began noticing the strengthening again.  She was tolerating her feet quite a bit more already, just one day after the treatment.

In December 2007, I remembered that I had taken a picture of Irene while she had her feet on the device which turns on a submersible pump.  She had been resting her feet on it for about 15 minutes before I checked the EMFs (electromagnetic fields).  The needle went off the scale past 100 miligauss!   Her doctor agreed that this was most likely the cause of all the problems we'd had this year.  He said that this damaged her feet.

I will never know why this happened.  The only explanation is that God didn't want her to walk yet.  She had been so close to being "cured".  It has been the most bitter experience I've ever had, and I can only describe it as extremely cruel.  How can God allow us to almost see Irene walk and then allow us to fall of the SMA cliff again?  I keep having to remind myself that only God knows the reason.  Only He knows what He is doing. 

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