Irene's Fun Pics

061602.jpg (37092 bytes)

This was Bruce's first Father's Day.  She was just over a week old.

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 Her abuelitos.


031503.jpg (30336 bytes) 032003.jpg (30946 bytes)

  Nine months.  She's a cutie!

051003.jpg (26119 bytes)

This is one of my favorites.  She's eleven months and playing peek-a-boo.

060703.jpg (33590 bytes)

  Her first birthday.  She had her first and only ear infection that day.


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 She was the flower girl in aunt Betsy's wedding.



091403.jpg (30081 bytes)

Ber Rick,  15 months.


040904a.jpg (47561 bytes)

Texas bluebonnets.  This was after TKM, but for some reason, we had to hold her up in every picture we took.  Anyway, she was speaking in complete, clear sentences by then (not even two years old!)


052104.jpg (28753 bytes)

My second Mother's Day.


051704.jpg (22568 bytes) 060504.jpg (37327 bytes)  

 Her second birthday. 

Aunt Betsy made the cake.

113004.jpg (33646 bytes)

Here is the beautiful couple who always keep us in their home when we're visiting doctors or taking classes.

Uncle Eddie is giving her a trike ride.

You can't see it, but her feet are taped to the pedals.

040805.jpg (34516 bytes)

Hugging her future cousin.  She can't wait to play with him.


051905.jpg (29803 bytes)

Meeting her new cousin for the first time.

They are the BEST of friends!!!


  060705c.jpg (35766 bytes)

We took her to Sea World for her third birthday 2005.  The second picture with Shamu was in 2006.


Here she is in her new JAZZ EASyS stroller.  We loved it.  Recently, we donated it to another SMA child.

With Mimi at her 5th birthday party.

Flower girl again!  This time it's for Aunt Sophia's wedding.

Make-A-Wish Foundation granted Irene's wish for a Rainbow Castle!

This is where I stopped posting pics.  I might do this again some time in the future.


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