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She's up to something!

I finally got to hold my brother Nicholas. My Mom was trying to change his diaper and he crawled to me for safety. It made me feel so proud. I love him so much. He usually squirms away from me or just beats me up.


Just hangin' around the house!

This is April Allbritton, Crystal's Dad's youngest daughter from his previous marriage. She is such a very special person and we are so glad she keeps in touch. She is real good with all the babies.
Crystal was in a real feisty mood. She was silly and teasing all day like this. She totally made me crack up laughing a lot and I rarely put out a good-real laugh.  


 Crystal and Anthony enjoying a challenging game of checkers with marbles.

No Nicholas is not affected with SMA, it's just sometimes I have to buckle him down to keep him off me while I'm on the floor working with Crystal. This entertains him better. Yes, 1-year-olds can do it too.

Anthony thinks he has bigger muscles than me. I think he is wrong.

Anthony really likes to get his picture taken.

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