My Brothers
Aidan & Brady
3 to 6 Months
Page 1

Surprised baby look

Brady's bathrobe

Aidan's bathrobe

Flipper baby Aidan

Grandpa Jim and Brady

Our 1st Christmas and Ethan's 3rd Christmas
December 2007



Who is this Santa person? We thought you said he brought presents, not a tickly beard!

Wow this is awesome!

How do I get them again?

Our Grandma and Nana rock!

What is it???


I got my mommy and my mommy's got me

WOOHOO, Go Yankees!

But, But, Why?

Yo Yo Yo!

Hey man, hand it over!

We want presents, we want presents, we want presents!

It's as big as me!

I think it is too big

We like wrapping paper best!

Auntie Jilly and Brady