My Therapy!


I get Physical Therapy (PT) twice a week. My PT is Christin Arnold from Birth-to-Three.

We play with my switch toys and stretch my muscles so that I can keep using them. Sometimes we work in my blue Tumbleform chair with sitting up. In my Tumbleform we practice turning pages in story books, playing with toys, etc.

I love to work on the Physio-ball on my tummy. Mommy and Christin roll me into a "standing" position and press my feet to the floor (or onto their knees) to get the sensation of standing.



Laying on my ball in PT

Working hard with Christin

Playing with a switch toy during PT

Pressing my light and sound switch during PT 

Hanging out on the therapy ball

Stretching my back and hips

Playing with shapes during PT

More playing!

Playing with Christin

Yeah! I got it through the hole!

Having fun!



I get Occupational Therapy (OT) once a week. I also get Speech Therapy (ST) once a week. My OT and ST is Justine Bedocs.

Justine works with me while I'm wearing my TLSO (backbrace) vest and on sitting up like a big boy.

She massages my muscles and does some stretching as well. If we have time (after all the boring stuff) I get to use my switch toys and play.

We also do oral motor exercises to stimulate the muscles around my mouth. We use the Z-Vibe a lot.


Justine working with my mouth muscles



Having Speech/Communication therapy with Lisa (Speech Therapist)



I get Massage Therapy once a week. My Massage Therapist is Danielle Marconi.

Danielle gives me a massage from my head down to my toes and even incorporates Reiki into it. Soon I'll be getting something called "Rain" Therapy too. Mommy and I are not sure what it is exactly, but it is supposed to be a very relaxing form of massage, I'm looking forward to it!


Danielle massaging my leg. Sometimes she massages mommy too!



I also have nursing. Right now I only have one nurse, but we think we have the best nurse ever! Nurse Cheryl is with me Monday through Friday. We always have lots of fun and Nurse Cheryl is like family to us now.


Update 1/07 - I have a new nurse! Her name is Bernadette. We're just getting to know each other but I think she's really nice.

I love to be snuggled by Nurse Cheryl! 

Nurse Cheryl taught me how to finger paint! She is so cool!

Nurse Bernadette
and I


I get Music Therapy once a week. My Music Therapist is Jenny.

Jenny is an additional music therapist we have come. She is sort of like an OT.  We still go to Billy's and see Steve on Thursdays but Jenny is just extra. 

This is Jenny! Playing her guitar for me!

Making music



Other Therapy Pictures!

Laying on my tummy

Using my Arm Slings from the Swanson Twins

In my backbrace



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