Music Therapy with My Friend,
Billy T!


Every Friday me, Mommy, and Nurse Cheryl go to my friend, Billy's house. Billy has SMA like I do. Billy's Mommy, Katy, hired a someone to come and play music for us. Steve, the music man, plays all sorts of music for us. We have tons of fun!

Pictures of Billy and I at Music Therapy


Me & Billy playing
with party horns

 Hanging out,
listening to music

"Hey, what
are you doing?"

Billy & I,
we're buddies for life
Hanging with Billy again! Chicks Dig Us!!!
Time for our weekly music lesson! Billy and I playing on Thursday...we got together twice this week! Shaking our Maracas from our SMA Buddies, Charlie and Lily S!
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Grinning at my best friend, Billy! I love to arm wrestling with Billy!  


My Red Egg from Steve Hanging out with Ella, Billy's older sister.


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