My Family!

Ethan is so blessed to have three fantastic grandparents. Candi (aka Nana), Jason's mom, and Kelly's parents, Jim & Debbie Greenwood. They all trip over each other in our quest to be there to help. Grampa Greenwood has been dubbed "Mrs. Doubtfire" and would be quite happy to quit work and become Ethan's full time nanny. Of course, Debbie and Candi would have to keep working and fight for their position to take their turn rocking the little Red Wagon. One of Ethan's favorite places is on Grampa's big shoulders. He is the rock when Daddy is working.

Ethan has two aunties, Kristen & Jill; and his uncles, Kurt and Mike. His special guardian Angel, Grampa Kurt in Heaven is always watching out for him. No shortage of love for this little guy!.

(written by: Ethan's Nana Candi)


I love my Daddy

Mommy & Me at the beach

Grandpa, Grandma, Nana, and their favorite grandson (that's me!)

Auntie Jill & I

Auntie Kristen, Uncle Mike, & Me

Uncle Kurt, cousin Jennifer, & I

Me and my BEST buddy, Grandpa!

Sleeping with mommy

Hanging out with Auntie Jill

I love my Grandpa & my Auntie Jill

Uncle Mike & I

Auntie Kristen is so much fun!

Me & my Grandma Debbie

Me & my Nana Candi

Halloween 2005 with Daddy & Mommy

Mommy's First Mother's Day - 5/14/06

My favorite spot...with Mommy!

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