My Equipment!


My Easy S Stroller:

It is a great stroller and even has places for all of my machines. It DEFINITELY made our traveling to NJ and NY for doctors' appointments easier!

My Breathing Equipment:

(from left to right) My ventilator, called an LTV. It helps to keep my lungs big and strong. Underneath my ventilator is my humidifier, which keeps the air nice and warm so I don't get too dry. Next to my vent, is my Cough Assist. My Cough Assist helps me cough all the yucky stuff out of my lungs. Next to the Cough Assist is my suction machine. When I use my Cough Assist, my suction machine sucks the yuckies out of my mouth. It also helps me get the boogers out of my nose, since I can't blow my nose. Underneath the suction machine is my oximeter or pulse ox. The oximeter measures the amount of oxygen in my in my blood and my heart rate. It is a little piece of tape that goes around my toe and it doesn't hurt at all. Next to that is my nebulizer. The nebulizer helps me get medicine into my lungs which makes it easier for me to breathe. I mostly use it when I am sick.

My Positioning Pillows:

These are my positioning pillows from my friend, Kyle. His Mommy, Jana, and Auntie Jill made them for me to keep me all comfy. The best part is, they have  Clifford all over them! Clifford is my new favorite and Kyle knew just what to make my pillows with. Thank you Kyle, Kyle's Mommy Jana, and Kyle's Auntie Jill!

My Slings:

These are my arm and leg slings. They help me move my arms and legs in ways that I can't with out them. They take away gravity and I can move a lot more.

My AFOs:

These are my AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthotics). They help keep my feet nice and flat so that my feet can go in shoes! I don't mind wearing them.

My Collar:

This my Hensinger Collar. It helps me keep my head up, especially in the car. I got it from my friend Charlie because he got too big for it. Thank you Charlie!


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