My Brothers
Aidan & Brady
6 to 9 Months
Page 1

Aidan Bunny

Brady Bunny

Music time with Ethan

We love our big brother, Ethan

Auntie Jill

Look at all us little bunnies

Playing with grandma

One delicious egg for me

Look at all the cool stuff in that basket

Can we get more toys now?

Dressed alike in our Easter outfits

I told you, I'm cuter

We love our mommy

and we love our daddy, too

Hanging out with daddy and grandma

Posing with cousin Alexa

Brady helping Bernadette do nursing notes

Watch out, we are pirates!

Ahoy matey's, give us your treasure!

Is it my turn yet??

It is our turn, right?

Faster daddy, faster!

That was so much fun!

Reading together!