My Brothers
Aidan & Brady
1 Year
Page 4

We want more presents

No, we love paper more,
we want more paper

Look how many people can fit
in one ball pit

It is for sand or water, but it is actually a twin catcher!

Let's play with more toys, mommy

Lots of presents

Playing with daddy

I'm the new cook, so cookies
for dinner

What is Rudolph doing here beside me?

Oooh, I found another present

So did I, what did you get?

I am going to hide this so I can play with it later

Running away with Rudolph

Watch out, the new cooks are in town

I stole Ethan's wobble goggles

Me too

Happy Valentine's Day



Help! I'm stuck!

Look at all the pretty paper

Big mess

Wagon rides

I'm done!