My Cousin, Alexa


This is my new cousin, Alexa

Who is this in the picture, I haven't met her before?

Baby Alexa

Meeting Alexa for the first time

She's not too bad!

Hmm, maybe you are okay, I'll even share my toys with you.

You are kind of fun to snuggle with.

You are very cute.

Poke, poke...she likes it!

Okay, I'm done now!

What are you doing to me?

Alexa's bird house

A puppy just for Alexa

No mom, you are supposed to hug me!!

Maybe we can keep this one.

Auntie Kristen with Alexa

Feeding time

Alexa in her car seat

Uncle Mike with Alexa

They are a pretty cute family

I think Alexa's dress is a little big, Auntie Kristen

She IS cute, but not as cute as me