My Cousin, Alexa


What are you doing, Aidan?  You can't be tired yet!

Hanging with Uncle Jason

First, your pacifier must match your outfit...

What a captive audience I have

What are you doing over there?

They are crazy, I tell ya!

Ah, what a life I lead, surrounded by boys!

Don't hate us because we're beautiful

Aren't I the cutest girl ever

I love bug books!

Pretty in pink

Fogs are funny!

Sleeping soundly

The girls!

Gobble, gobble, gobble

Watch this...

Happy Thanksgiving

Let me look at that...

Hey, that is mine, Alexa!!

What are you doing Brady?

Look at me!!

What are you doing?  Can I do it too??

Thank you Secret Santa Veronica!!!

I love visiting my cousins

Merry Christmas from me, beautiful Alexa!