My Cousin, Alexa


Can I have this toy?

Happy in my chair

Eww what is this???

My mommy rocks

My pool all to myself

Look Daddy!

Let me out!!!

You wanna go where?

Help, save me!  He is out of control

Push me more grandma

I didn't do it...I just look guilty

Can we go swing with Ethan

I won a prize

Playing with my friends

I need you

What IS this?


Let's make a break and run for it

Mommy's new boyfriend....I think daddy is better

That's my pumpkin mommy

What is this stuff??

Which pumpkin do you want?

I want the biggest one

I need a drink before going trick or treating

Funny faced witch

Mommy and her little witch

I'm such a big girl, giving my cousins a bath

Look at my presents

 A castle for her royal princess

Mommy and I wish you a Merry Christmas