My Switch Toys


I wanted to share something I've been doing with Ethan.  Some of you might even do this already.  Ethan has a bunch of the red, blue, and green lights (they look like police lights).  A few months ago, I put velcro on the red and blue (I started with red and green but then the green one broke and I just used blue and stayed with it) ones and then took the boardmaker symbols for yes and no and attached to the lights.  He picked up on the concept pretty quickly and we use them a lot for questions, especially when reading to him (asking him questions about the books).  I'm a big fan of the computer and we do use it all the time, but sometimes, it is just quicker to use this method as opposed to finding the right page on the computer.  Ethan enjoys it too.  So, now I've taken two green lights and I had started adapting puzzles (using velcro on them so they can stand up and Ethan can play with them better), so we take puzzle pieces (for example, Melissa and Doug farm puzzle) and say the cow and horse are attached to the lights...say, "Ethan where is the cow" and he'll squeeze the switch for cow!  It is SO great seeing him associate, and especially since he has to remember which hand has which switch in it.  I've printed out the universal color circles from boardmaker and a lot of their other symbols as well and it is working really well.  Big and little are good to do too.

Yes or No Questions

Where is the cow?

Melissa and Doug Farm Puzzle

What color?

Big or small

1 or 2