My Visit to the Enchanted Castle

Our town puts on the Enchanted Castle every Halloween for little guys. It's really go from room to room and there are different storybook characters there and they tell a little story about themselves.  Today I got to go with Billy.


Billy and I posing with Cinderella
and the Fairy Godmother

Me and Mrs. Potts from
Beauty and the Beast

Billy is with Belle

Look at the Beast!  He is really tall.

The Wizard of Oz room

It's Dorothy and the Scarecrow

Hanging with Ariel

I love fish and this was my favorite room

Grandpa got to come with us today

Alladin and Jasmine's room

It is Aladdin

Aladdin with his tiger

It is Aladdin and Jasmine

Hanging out with Billy

Mommy and I in front of the castle

I like his story

Listening to Aladdin

Billy and his mom Katy with the Genie