Auntie Jill, Ella,
and Alexandra

This is a circus, I wonder what we will see tonight?

Auntie Jill with Billy
and I

Mommy is making me wear
this silly hat

Billy, Alexandra, and Ella

Auntie Jill and daddy,
wearing the silly hat

The circus

Mommy, daddy, and I
at the circus

Alexandra, Ella,
and Katy

I love my hugs from Ella


Look at the pretty
circus lights

Billy, holding Blue, and
watching the circus

Holding my Clifford during the circus

What a big clown

Ella, Auntie Jill, Alexandra,
and Katy posing with the clown

I'm not to sure about this clown

Did you see that clown???

Auntie Jill loves going places
with me

Ella and Katy loving the show

Billy is loving the circus, too

Katy and Mommy

Katy and Auntie Jill

Look at my big monkey

Ella and Alexandra enjoying their snowcones

Let's race!!

Billy loves the show
like I do

Ella, Alexandra, and Billy

Ella, Mommy, and I

Alexandra, Ella, Mommy,
Auntie Jill, and I

Mommy and Auntie Jill
being silly!!

Ella and Alexandra getting horsey rides from mommyand
Auntie Jill

I'm getting tired