Halloween 2006


Checking out the BIG pumpkin

Our pumpkins...

Touching the pumpkin seeds
I don't think I like this

My new pumpkin and ghost toys

Daddy carving the "baby" pumpkin

Hanging out watching Daddy carving the pumpkins

My Halloween pop up book

It's the "baby Ethan" pumpkin

Our 3 pumpkins:
Mommy pumpkin, Baby Ethan pumpkin, and Daddy pumpkin

Even Superman needs hugs from Daddy

Clifford, really it's my Auntie Jill, came to visit

Hi Clifford

Grandma giving Clifford hugs

Clifford hugging Daddy

Petting Clifford's nose

Telling Clifford all about Halloween

Kisses from Clifford

I love Clifford

My family and Clifford

Grandpa, Grandma, Nana, Clifford and me, Superman

Grandpa, why is Clifford wearing high heels?

Nana, Daddy, and me

Checking out the Pumpkins Daddy carved

Trick or Treating with the whole family

"Trick or Treat!"

Mommy and Daddy and their little super hero

Checking out the little Ethan pumpkin

This superman is all
trick or treated out

Checking out my loot

Auntie Jill and her favorite super hero, me!