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Playing with my Mickey from Grandma

Our friends from Japan, Dr. Machiko Suzuki and her sister Tomoko, came to visit me on Saturday! We love when they visit. They brought me some oragami and we learned all about a little girl who is 10 years old with SMA type 1 in Japan!

Daddy reading to me during tummy time

I love being read to, especially by Daddy

What a beautiful tree

Exploring the store with Grandpa

Posing with Mommy

Daddy, it's cold out here!

It's so bright out here

The tree all decorated

Decorating the tree

Is it time for presents yet?

Dressed to the 9's for our Christmas card

I am adorable, aren't I?

Decorating my mini tree

A Christmas tree just my size

Snuggles with Auntie Jill

Decorating with Daddy

This is fun!