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Chillin in my pool and being entertained by my wonderful Aunties

Hey, can we get a little shade, it's bright out here!

I love my new float from Grandma Debbie

Auntie Jill and Auntie Kristen love me SO much...

But who wouldn't love adorable me?!

Checking out my Rubber Duck, making sure he's all dry too!

Like my hooded towel? I love Baby Einstein!

As my T-shirt says,
I'd Rather Be Hangin' With My Aunt!
Although, it is so hard to pick just 1 Auntie!

Auntie Jill is TONS of fun!

Auntie Kristen is too!

But, why choose one when you can have TWO great Aunties!!!

My candle for the
3rd Annual SMA Candle Lighting.
Lit in honor of all of my buddies with SMA and in memory of all the angels watching over me!