Eighteen - Twenty Four Months Photos

Page 11


I'm ready to roll

Yes, Auntie Kristen, I feel the baby

Talking to Mommy outside

My birdhouse that
grandpa built

Like my shirt says, I've got Mommy wrapped around my little finger!

Coloring all by myself

Playing my heart out on my piano

Shaking my "bee on a stick" and "grasshopper on a stick"

I'm a sweet pea!

Kicking Mommy

Hey Grandma!

Just chilling with my binky

Playing with my Pooh toy

I love my switch toys!

We took my toys outside because it was so nice

Go puppy!

Playing outside with my toys!

My mini sandbox is so much fun

Watching Go Diego Go!

I'm growing tall!

Just chilling on my bed

You want me to do what? I'd rather not, thanks!

My early birthday present from my family

My new swing