Eighteen - Twenty Four Months Photos

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Styling in my new hat, gloves,
and scarf from Auntie Jill

Out for a walk

My friend, Marin, came to play with me

Flirting with Marin

Playing with Elyssa

Playing on the computer

Hanging with Pooh

I love Pooh

Ready for a walk

Let's go, Mommy!

Jamming to the music

Standing and playing on the computer

Tap tap

Daddy is so good at the computer

WOW! So that's how it works

Having fun with Daddy

Building and fixing, just like Grandpa

Movie time with Daddy

So, where's my computer?

Hey! I'm getting good at this

Mooom, I can do it by myself!

Figuring out how I can do the computer best

I really like this!