Eighteen - Twenty Four Months Photos

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As you can see, this is my mini-me mask Mommy flipped it upside down and made her own strap. She was afraid I would get a sore from the tubing being against my forehead.

Playing Dora on my leappad

Having a Jam session with Daddy

Playing and reading with Grandma.

Hanging out with Grandma & Grandpa

Daddy reading me the new story he bought me...written by Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees

Making music

Reading with Grandma

Playing with Grandpa

Watching Daddy work out on Nana's shoulder

I'm not sure you're doing that right, Daddy

Kisses from Mommy

Mommy & Me

WOW! TJ is so cool!

Watching TJ with Grandma

I love standing!!

Getting ready for a walk with mommy

Kiss me, I'm Irish!

Shamrock's Bike Club Member

Looking cute, don't you think?

Look at my huge balloon

I'm really getting the hang of this clicking thing

Click, click, click

Wow! This is so much fun!