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Doing Music Therapy on my Birthday with Daddy

Doing music therapy with my music therapist Jenny and Daddy

My balloons from my friends Gabby and Billy

My shirt from my friends Alyssa and Robert

Rocking out on my swing in my Flash t-shirt from my girlfriend, Shira

Standing and enjoying the day

Look how tall I am

In my Flash shirt from Shira

Shira, my girlfriend from Canada, looking at my picture

The balloons I sent Shira for her 2nd birthday

She loves me, can't you tell?

Mommy, Bernadette, and I got to go to the zoo!

Mommy and I at the zoo

Wow! That is one big animal!

That IS pretty cool ,Bernadette

Checking out the animals

Mommy says next time we come we can go on the merry-go-round

A real live peacock

Mommy, can't we go this time?


Driving my loaner chair