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Hanging with my girlfriends

Wow! They took out all my toys!

My friends Abbi, Emmi, and Anni B

Snack time!

Me and my friend MJ

This big cookie is from my friend Davey Jo

My new fish, called Gilly, is from Mommy's friend Yvonne who came and visited me on Saturday

My candle for Angel Baby Angelo

August is SMA Awareness Month

My candle for all the angels


Yet another masterpiece by ME

Daddy and I LOVE Pooh

Auntie Kristen, Alexa, me, and mommy

Whose foot is this?

I'm really not sure I want you on MY bed!

You're cuter than TJ Bearytales

Kisses from Alexa

My new drum

Listen to this...boom boom boom

Making music with Daddy