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Reading with Nana

I love reading, especially with Nana

I'm getting so tall

Hey little bro!

Listening to TJ with Brady

What are you saying? I'm not a troublemaker!

Me and my brothers

Playing music

I'm growing up!

Mom, this hat is too tight

Happy New Year!

(written by mommy)
On New Year's Eve, we were watching the ball drop and then afterwards Fergie performed. WELL...Mr. Ethan was mesmerized! :)

(written by mommy)
We've been joking around that he "likes" her and Jason was telling his chief about it. Chief Peck gave Ethan the Fergie CD and an 8x10 glossy of her! I showed Ethan and said, "You like her don't you!" and he said yes!

Arrr Matey!

I'm Captain E!!!

Hanging with my nurse

For your musical entertainment

I'm looking too cool for words

I think I need more toys

See, I need more, don't you think so!?!

It's drive time