3 Year Photos
Make-A-Wish Trip to Disney World
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Auntie Kristen's Photos
(Captions written from Alexa's perspective)


Flying to Disney

Hi! It's really nice to meet you, Chip...or are you Dale?

Big hugs for my friend

Mary Poppins is beautiful

Takacs family with Goofy

Bernie & E

All these fancy women loving on Ethan

Merry-go-round and a round

Uncle Jason & Ethan

I think I love you Eeyore

Mommy, me, & Auntie Jilly

Pirate Ethan

JoJo & Ethan

Hi Goliath

Goliath, JoJo, Aunt Kelly, & Ethan

Aidan & Brady meet Mickey

I think we should go that way

I'm going to be the winner of Dancing with the Disney Stars!

Here you go Ethan

The twins, Donald & me

Uncle Jason & Ethan

Mommy or Auntie Kristen & E

Grandma loves Ethan

Auntie Kelly squeezing me

Aidan, Brady, Auntie Jilly, & Daddy or Uncle Mike

Auntie Kelly, Bernadette, & Grandma

Look! It's Pooh!

Tigger meeting Ethan

The gang with Tigger & Pooh

Pirate Ethan!

Putting up Ethan's star

I swear, I was just looking!

Catch me!

Nana Candi

My family

Riding the carousel with Mom

I've got TWO balloons, I've got TWO balloons, hey hey!

My Minnie balloon

So cute

I'm not so sure about this Auntie Jilly

Checking on Ethan

Posing at the playground

Swing higher!

Daddy chilling on the slide

The twins

Hey, what did you do with my brother?

Goodbye playground...

Hey! That tree has a face!

You're in my space!!!

Snack time


We're just playing, nothing else