3 Year Photos
Part 1
Page 5


Door hanger for MJ

Painting for MJ & Brenda

Playing pirate

Hi MJ!

Talking to MJ

I think MJ is lots of fun

My Auntie Jillie got me this blanket from MJ

Auntie Kristen and MJ

I'm ready to get up

My first note from tooth fairy

Look! She brought me a present too!!

Swimming again

Relaxing in the pool


At the lake

It's beautiful!

Playing on the computer

I just love being outside

What is that, mommy?

Look at that water

Boats are awesome

Looking silly after my bath

Pirate Ethan

Mickey Mouse, I'm coming soon!

Joshua and I

In the tree house

On the elevated path

I want to drive

I LOVE this Boundless Playground

Swinging with Bernadette