3 Year Photos
Part 1
Page 7


All of us at the Apple Festival

Let's go!

I love my special time with Daddy

If I I pinch you will you cry?

Nope, you're a very good baby

Painting a pumpkin!

This is serious work

Pumpkins everywhere!!

Visiting Benedict Agway

Our family again

Look a skeleton like in Pirates of the Caribbean!

Can I play in the hay too?

Driving outside...how fast can you make it go?

Which pumpkin should I pick?

A real tepee, cool!

Can I have one at home?

Mommy and me

Bernadette is the best!

This is my train set

Watching my brothers

They are crazy

I love you but don't push me

My toys, don't be touching them!

Run away, Grandpa

This is a good book, keep reading

Making it spin

Here is flower for you because I love you sooo much Mommy

On a field trip with my friends

It's really cold!

I'll have one of each, please!