4 Year Photos
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I'm 4!

Celebrating my birthday with Mommy, Daddy, Aidan, Brady, Ryan, Jackson, Kate, and my new friend Mary

My butterflies are growing

I want to go on the beach too...please!


Reading with Daddy

Hugging Bernadette

See my awesome artwork!

Helping Mommy

Making some art

A sparkly glove, just like Michael Jackson

Hanging outside with the twins

I can't see my movie, so move your head

At Silverman's Farm

Come here Mr. Goat

Visiting Thomas the Train

RIP: Wave the Butterfly

Bernadette and Stacey at Wave's funeral

Waves gravesite

At the Maritime Center with daddy

Daddy telling secrets - mommy doesn't know we are here since she isn't home.

He is bigger than my turtle, Lucky

Petting the sealife

Making new friends

Daddy is now a giant sea turtle

What is it daddy?

Hanging out and having fun

Listening to tunes on my I-Turtle

Look at my cool tattoo

Caitlyn, my OT, helping me with my sailboat