Music Therapy with My Friend,
Billy T!

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Every Friday me, Mommy, and Nurse Cheryl go to my friend, Billy's house. Billy has SMA like I do. Billy's Mommy, Katy, hired a someone to come and play music for us. Steve, the music man, plays all sorts of music for us. We have tons of fun!

Pictures of Billy and I at Music Therapy
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Chillin with Billy!

Billy and I love to color together. Billy did the blue and I did the red!

Just hanging out with our Zvibs!

Sharing my blue egg with Billy

Thanks buddy!!

Listening to Steve sing a song during Music, with Billy and his sister, Ella

Hanging out with Billy and Ella before Music

Me, Ella, Alexandra, and Billy having lots of fun

I love Ella! She helps me shake my maracas!

Hanging with my best bud, Billy!

Reading yet another story!

Mr. Bear came and helped Steve today

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Playing with some instruments during Music

My favorite eggs


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