Trip to the Maritime Aquarium
with Billy & Family

On July 31st 2006, Billy's Mommy, Katy, and and my Mommy took 
me, Billy, Billy's sisters and cousin to the Maritime Aquarium. 
They opened at 9:00 a.m. just for 
us (open to everyone else at 10:00 a.m.)! 
How cool is that!?  We were there for over an hour 
and us kids did fantastic (according to our Mommies).  
We really enjoyed looking at the fish, 
seals, otters, and dinosaur exhibits! 

Posing with Billy, Ella (Billy's sister), Alexandra (Billy's sister), & Harrison (Billy's cousin)

Daddy and I looking at the BIG fish

Look at all the fish!

Billy and I ready to explore the aquarium

Mommy and I

The gang!

Wow! This is so much fun!

That fish is bigger than ME!

There is SO much to look at!

Grandma Debbie came too!

Billy and I having fun

My family at the aquarium!