Welcome to page 1 of Jacobs photos

These photos were taken from Jacobs birth August 20th, 2003 until


These are the first ever photos of Jacob

Taken in February and June of 2003


Here is the first photos of Jacob.  If this page is slow I'm probably in here playing around.  Not sure how this is going to turn out. It will be under construction for a long time so check back often to see what is new here!

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Yup Jacob was in here somewhere


Oh my!  No comments please!

Here he is only a few minutes old.   I remember that perfectly this is his daddy Jody

Jacob and his proud daddy!



All cleaned up and crying for mom already!  I love that face

I'm burnt, but happy to have my baby out safe and healthy

Baby Bear just minutes old and looking around!

Big proud sister

So sweet to see her with him

The three of us!

Mommie and Jacob just 8 hours old here. 

One week old and very alert!


Where the heck is my neck???

Smiling already!


Alyssa pushing baby bro in swing




Proud Sis!


Love to go for a car ride



Shannon and baby bear




So small I dont remember him being that small



Here they are again.  She loved holding him when he was that small

What a couple of good looking boys!



Uncle Dan and Jacob!  Kisses please





Mommie burnt in the summer! 

Just 1.5 months old!


Look at that face.  How angelic

First time eating food???  Not sure about it...

Second time!  Hum mom whatcha doing?

Ok NO WAY this is gross...

YUCK never again!  LOL never liked anything but carrots!

I love this photo! 



Here is Jacobs first Christmas.  We spent it at moms so we were not alone. 
I was pretty depressed last year and didn't want to do much. Thankfully mom made the season fun for the kids!  I love her so much... My brother Dan and Shannon helped decorate the tree last year with Alyssa I didn't want any part of it unfortunately.  Waiting 7 weeks for the diagnosis just about wiped me right out.  Thankfully family kept us all together.
Jacob got sick during the holidays and we spent New Years in the hospital...
This was his first hospitalization

Here is Jacob at mom's playing a few days before Christmas

Jacob and his papa


Jacob and Nana

Alyssa loves to cover Jacob in bears and play with him


Two angels cuddling


Starting to cover him in teddies! 


She loves to make him look silly!


Surrounded by bears!


My mom and dad (Nana and Papa) xmas eve


Uncle Dan and Alyssa with baby bear!

Jacob always looked up at me with that smile

It could melt your heart


Uncle Dan and Shannon with baby bear!


Papa Bruce and Dale with Baby Bear

Here it is on the 26th Jacob is just starting to get sick.  His first cold


Even though starting to feel sick he still smiled!


This was the day after Christmas I got a cold and gave it to baby bear...

Here you can see just how awful I was feeling.  Poor Jacob wound up in the hospital


This was the 27th of December Jacobs first cold


Getting a nebulizer treatment

Imagine that was the only thing we did for Jacob pre-diagnosis.  Now look at all the machines


Loved balloons ever since he was a baby


You can see how much Jacob loved looking at his teddy mobile.  One of the reasons for baby bear!

Just loving them!  Smiling from ear to ear!!!  Just a beautiful smile always.  Still has it today

Jacob loved Alyssa pushing him in his swing!



Mommie and Jacob posing.  He was smiling so much here


You can see some of Jacobs room here. It was all done up in bears.  He was bound for the name...



In January Jacob got an appointment to go and see the specialist for SMA Dr. Bach.  www.doctorbach.com We were told not to do anything for Jacob just to take him home and love him.  It was a rough time for us...and with my research and the help of moms at www.smasupport.com and my chat group we thought we needed to get to Dr. Bach and see him, and have him tell us his thoughts on Jacob.  Our community gathered together and raised some funds for us to get there.  Even rented us a van!  My moms sister, my Aunt Sandy drove us and took turns driving.  She has been a huge help to us over this last year.  We drove through a snowstorm where 8 feet of snow shut down New York for the day but we made it and were the only few people to show up for the appointments that day...along with other Canadians! lol  This one appointment changed my life, and my drive to help my child not suffer.  Here is some of those photos.

Here is Jacob in one of the hotels on the way up! He loved the car ride!


Again in the hotel.  Loving all the attention from mom and my Aunt Sandy

Here is a picture of the weather conditions we were driving through.  Just nasty weather! But we made it

Jacob slept almost the whole way there.  He was only 5 months old and we stopped to feed him that's about it!


We made it to New Jersey and Jacob loved being there.  It was a hectic ride as he was sick and not well.


Here we are.  Im of course on the phone.  Jacob always smiled. He struggled to breathe most of the time here too.


Here he is....the famous Dr. Bach!  I LOVE THIS MAN


He was so funny!  Thought Jacob looked great for being so sick


Jacob after a bath in NJ!  As you can see he smiles from ear to ear all the time


Again smiling.  What a little chunker he is eh!


Looking at mommie and laughing.  Such a ham for the camera even at 5 months

Nana and Jacob.  Playing together.  He was so strong then


Nana and Jacob cuddling.  I remember this picture like it was yesterday